Lean Beef


Bryant Cattle Company is proud to offer USDA inspected Lean Texas Longhorn Beef to the public.

A certified humane butcher, inspected by the state of Oklahoma, processes our beef locally. The beef is dry-aged for approximately ten + days to develop a rich flavor and then vacuum sealed in clear packaging for freshness. Bryant Cattle Co. products are grass-fed and MSG free.

Have you ever found yourself gazing the meat section at the store looking for good beef? Well, it's just not there anymore. I remember my Mother working at the local grocery store and helping in the meat department. We always had the best quality beef on our table and it was amazing. I so longed for that "taste" again and have finally found it. Our beef is packaged in clear, vacuum sealed packages so that you can see exactly what you are getting. This is a total beef product with the prime cuts included as grind.

Why Longhorn Beef?
Longhorn Beef is leaner than other breeds and is lower in saturated fats.
Longhorn Beef has less cholesterol and calories than white meat.
Studies have shown that eating lean beef can help increase good cholesterol and reduce bad cholesterol levels.
Beef is the best source of protein, zinc and vitamin B12 and is the third best source of iron in the food supply.
Beef is a good source of selenium, which may reduce the risk of heart disease and certain types of cancer.

So what are you waiting for????
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Leaner beef products with less fat than provided in traditional beef will assist in reducing calorie intake. Reflecting fitness-diet-health concerns, consumers are interested in reducing fat consumption, especially saturated fat and are concerned about cholesterol levels-both dietary and circulating. Longhorn lean meat is the natural healthy choice for lower fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.

We offer by the pound prices as well as package deals for 1/4, 1/2 or whole beef.

Prices vary so please contact us for more information.

Finally you don't have to sacrifice taste for health!